La Cala del Leone

La Cala del Leone Great Danes and French Bouledogue breeding in Boschi di Lari in the province of Pisa.

I Emiliano and my wife Silvia from true of this splendid race that is the great dane, we have always studied and admired the more important lines than blood for being able to improve our called breeding The Cove of the Lion ….… and that it takes the name fron one of the most evocative feautures of the Tuscany shoreline.

Our breeding is situated in the beautiful campaign Tuscany in the common one of Fauglia, characteristic country carefullied lay down on soft hills between Pisa and Livorno, near the famous road of the wine and to the residence of Pirandello.
If you will remain hit from the wonderful landscapes and from the beauty of the nature that it encircles to us and because you could not lodge in one of the farm holidays that the zone offers, with tasting of optimal wine and typical homemade products.

 In our breeding you will not see never too many subjicts because we love to give to every our friend alla the love possible without to never make to lack to nobody they consideration and affection, as this race needs. Our great danes are integrating part of our family and wiht ther love the life completes us.

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La Cala del Leone Great Danes and French Bouledogue breeding Boschi di Lari Pisa

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